In his article, “How to survive as a web designer beyond 2020,” Mike Kus addresses how the web industry is changing in becoming more standardized, with fierce competition from well-developed web builders such as Squarespace or Winx, and from the rest of the world.  It is easier for business owners to build and maintain their websites, or outsource at extremely low prices from across the world.  It can be very a very intimidating prospect for designers, and this article only provides two solutions on how to survive these factors, which is finding an identity and telling a story.   While they are good solutions, there are many more benefits of why you should employ a local designer or company provide these services. You can have a stronger advantage for the following reasons:

They Understand the Culture of Your Local Business

Every state, region, city or town has its culture.  A local designer will already know and understand the culture of your client base, which is not something that can be communicated or expressed if you don’t live in the local area.  Culture is complicated, comprised of language, values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors, which can vary widely even within a city district.  Having a design or story be able to express and relate to that culture will make the design appear stronger to your client base.  An understanding of local culture is essential for local businesses that are not intended to become national franchises but are covering a local niche market.  In a way, your local designer is the niche marketer for your local businesses.

They Can Meet in Person to Get Your Full Story and Understanding

While teleconferencing has greatly improved how we can communicate and interact with clients, you will be able to better articulate your better story if you meet with your local designers.   Communication is essential to understanding the story of a business, and it is most effective in person because so much can be stated in nonverbal cues.  It can also build trust between you and design team, in providing reassurance that they understand your business needs.

You Are Supporting Your Local Economy and Small Businesses

When you support local small businesses or designers, you are stimulating your local economy.  A healthier local economy will boost your own business.  It can also lead to networking opportunities with other local businesses.

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