Appreciation for Life

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As a seeker, I am always looking to find beauty, truth, and love in places, people, or things, trying to capture the messiness, hope, and meaning of the mundane in life. I also find Clichés funny, ironic, and often true, so why not use them to express yourself? Many of the subjects and titles in this gallery will be Cliché, but Cliché exists for a reason. They highlight commonality, universal connection, and the general experience and joys of life, so appreciation is warranted.

Besides, everything has already been done, why worry about always being on the edge of creating something completely new? There is always room for improvement, or, creating just for the sake of personal experience and enjoyment. Too often we forget this and forget to appreciate what is in front of us. It’s why I love the sky so much. It’s the same and also Cliché, and yet, different and inspiring every day, showing us just how we can make every day something new.

Artist Statement for Appreciation for Life