Finding Hope in Chaos

As a seeker, I am always looking to find beauty, truth, and love in places, people, or things, trying to capture the messiness, hope, and meaning of the mundane in life.

I believe in creating just for the sake of personal experience and enjoyment. Too often we forget this and forget to appreciate what is in front of us. It’s why I love the sky so much. It’s the same and also Cliché, and yet, different and inspiring every day, showing us just how we can make every day something new.

Erin Smith

Artist, Blue Skies Art and Design

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A Concept of You

August 2020-Present

Appreciation of Life

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Military Art

January 2005-Present

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Current Projects

New Mexico Children's Book

I’m working with a local author to illustrate a children’s book about a baby squirrel and roadrunner.

The Ghost Artist Experience

Short stories about an artist who draws pictures of the ghosts she sees.

Prey Zine, an Anthology of Short Horror Stories

A series of short horror stories about monsters and prey.

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Boundaries set upon drawn linesDefinition cultivated into set space Trees cultured into artificial constructsDefined into desired formSeeking order though Left unattended, Blooms into chaos

What Did We Sell?

What Did We Sell?

“Just a glass of water, no ice,” the old man said in a raspy voice to the waitress as she took our orders.   Juan called him the benefactor, a sickly old man dressed in a refined black coat, baggy suit, black mask, and what looked to be an old-style of...

Her Lost Voice

Her Lost Voice

Illiana Sanchez's hands hurt, her knuckles aching with dull and sharp pains as her fingers loomed over her computer keyboard. It surprised her, as she was only thirty-seven, and in her office profession, she didn't do laborious work that would give her arthritis so...