Boundaries set upon drawn lines
Definition cultivated into set space
Trees cultured into artificial constructs
Defined into desired form

Seeking order though
Left unattended,
Blooms into chaos

Bad Poetry

Bad Poetry

Bad poetry has a purpose.

To capture pain

write it down,

process and transform it.

Because memories bog the mind,

hurting relationships that could flourish.

killing art that could be created,

and inhibiting relief needed to heal.

Better to write bad poetry to expel pain,

then let it rot the heart.

Bad Poetry


Walls, boundaries by another name. Hard to open, she felt could let him in, but he barricaded himself in. Hurt, she opened to another, who shamed her, and another just stood, not knowing what to say. So she moved on, taking brick by brick down, exposing all for any connection.

Bad Poetry


Since her own wings were clipped,

she only saw the molting feathers,

and not the potential for them to fly. 

She took out her scissors

to keep them grounded,

keep them safe,

never to reach for the sky again.

Bad Poetry


She loved the ideal romanticism 

he displayed in his posture,

the way he talked, 

and how he listened. 

Always guarded, 

his actions were a never-ending performance. 

His hands occasionally shook 

during moments of vulnerability, 

and he retreated.

It is impossible to read the real him, 

the ever actor shielding his true self