Experience in Corporate Web Design

Hi!  I’m Erin Smith, and I have agency experience and have built and designed for corporate clients.

I created this quick page for you to view some of my work.  Since you already have a developer, I’m assuming you are just paying for the design, so here are some service rates based on that information.

Landing Page Layouts: $50 per hour, with specifications, can produce each layout in 2-4 hours.

Web Diagrams of Multiple Pages: $50 per hour; can produce in 2-4 hours.

Licensed Stock Photography and Custom Graphics created in Illustrator for Icons: $25 per image or per graphic.

Brief Process:  I do an interview with my clients to figure out what their core business is, and what makes them different from the competition.  For design, I usually provide four different looks, and I add notes for how features may work.  I track my time in And Co, where I do my contracting.  

A Little About Me:  I’m current with new trends in web design and development.  To keep up with industry trends, I’m part of the Interaction Design Foundation to enhance my skills in optimizing user experience, and I read about the newest trends in web design daily.