The sky is the limit to helping your business grow!  With an upgrade to branding, optimization for your website, and overall improved performance and design, your business can reach the sky!

Lacking Vision for your Business?

Are you so stuck in the day to day operations that you don’t have time to see the bigger picture?

Has your Business Plateaued?

Blue Skies offers more than web design and branding.  We help with small business consulting too!

How can Blue Skies Design + Consulting Help Your Business?

Business Branding

Branding creates trust with your customers.  Learn how it can help your business here.

Responsive Design

Did you know that more people are using mobile phones to find business?  Is your website responsive or mobile friendly?

Website Userability

Is your website easy to navigate and use?  Do your customers bounce pages, or consider your content?

Small Business Consulting

Local and small business are my specialities.  I can give unique insights because of my advanced education and training.

Engaging Copywriting

It’s not enough to tell your audience about your business.  You need to engage with them on their terms!

Graphics Improvement

Do you have blurry or pixilated images?  Do you need better visual content, such as custom icons or high quality graphics?

Business Consulting with your brand creation and website development.

Our Service Packages

We offer three affordable packages for our services.  Custom quotes for work not in the packages are also available.
Hill Packages for basic services.  Mountain Packages is for greater customization and new content creation.
Sky Packages include all of the previous packages, new development and consultation specific to your business.  

Branding Upgrades

Hill Package:  Upgrade to your current logo by creating it in EPS or vector format so you never have a pixelated or blurry logo again!

Mountain Package:  Creation of a new logo in multiple file formats with a color scheme and fonts for an entire rebranding.

Sky Package:  Creation of a new logo, color scheme and font like the mountain package, but also letterhead, business card, and apparel or banner design.  

Website Upgrades

Hill Package:  Redesign of a website in your current builder.  Included is the Mountain Branding Package, where the evaluation of font and color scheme will be used to harmonize the rest of the website.  Upgrade to all graphics and reworked landing page with new copywriting.

Mountain Package:  All of the previous package, but with the creation of five additional pages with custom content and copywriting.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) and one special feature such as form fillers,  galleries, or newsletter set up.  

Sky Package:  All of the previous package, but new website development with WordPress, ten pages of custom content and copywriting, multiple special features, and as much consulting you need until the completion of the project.      

Small Business Consulting

Blue Skies offers a free, 15-minute consulting interview over the phone or through messenger or Skype.   Contact Us for a free consulting session today!   


Packages for business consulting will be available soon!

Websites Created

Clients (since start in October 2017)

Years in Design

Web Years in Development

Branding Concepts

In the process for branding, I will create four different looks to help us find your perfect identity.

Website Building

Web sites are designed and built from your needs, content, and usability.

How We Work

Consulting Interview

Working with us, you get more than just a new brand or website.  You get one-on-one consulting for your business.  From how to use your new website, to how you can improve your visibility and improve your brand.

Contract and Timelines

Contracts ensure both parties are protected.  I do my contracting and project planning through And CO.  After contracts are signed, we know a genernal timeline for completion of projects!

Comps and Design Drafts

To ensure that the brand best represents your vision, multiple comps and drafts are created.  From these comps, changes are made until you are happy! For web development, a general design is created based on the branding.

Website Development

First, a design or test site is created.  Than we set up a progress checker for your website in a document updated daily.  Once items are finished, they have to be approved in the progress checklist.

Revision and Refinement

Notes can be made in the progress checker, and they will be made prior to a final meeting for any other revisions or corrections for the website.


Once the test site is approved, the website is implemented to your business domain.  If you have the Sky Package, we will consult you on how to use your new website.  

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